How I Unintentionally Discovered the Root Cause of my Skin Issues...

I created a gluten & dairy free recipe e-book for several reasons. Did you know that gluten & dairy are the top 2 most common food allergens and sensitivities? That doesn't mean you need an epi-pen upon consuming it! Food sensitivities are becoming more common and affect us in ways that are little less life-threatening... such as upset stomach, constipation, gas...or something even less obviously linked... like skin conditions, autoimmune disorders, anxiety or depression.

I personally have cut dairy out of my own diet (99% of the time... I can't pretend I don/t indulge responsibly every now and then) and have seen such dramatic changes to my health. I am genetically prone to acne. I'd suffered from cystic acne all throughout high school & college. Acne is mentally, emotionally AND physically exhausting & tormenting for anyone suffering from it, and I felt all of that. I had tried antibiotics, creams, protocols, birth control pills (don't get me started on this one!) and eventually, even Accutane...and none of these solutions improved my skin. Yet, no dermatologist I'd ever seen had addressed diet as a possible cause of my acne. It's not their fault, they're not taught to address nutrition!

Acne is the number one skin condition and affects over 50 million people across the U.S. Healing our skin (or any part of our health!) starts with proper digestion. I never linked the cause of my acne to eating dairy because growing up, dairy never made me feel sick. It wasn't until years later, that I did become physically affected by dairy, with upset stomach, constipation & bloating. I realized how it was affecting my digestion, so cutting it out was a no brainer... not that it wasn't difficult... I know what you're thinking... 'omg, no CHEESE?!'. Not only was my digestion greatly improved, but my skin started to really clear up... like really, I had never seen my skin this clear & healthy before. Indirectly, I had uncovered a huge piece of the puzzle ... the root cause of my acne. This was actually a huge break-through and part of why I wanted to become a health coach!

This story of my own inspired me to want to help others connect the dots from their health issues to their diet & root causes of those issues.

Do you have a story that goes something like this? I'd love to hear!

I look forward to connecting with you!

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