Are You Over-Doing Supplements?

Here are some basic guidelines to follow to ensure you're getting the right nutrients your body needs without over-loading your liver.

1. Be intentional and realistic about what your body needs.

Ideally we would get all of the nutrients our body requires from whole foods, but that’s not always possible. Maybe you lead a vegan lifestyle because that’s what alignment feels like for you, or maybe you don’t have access to a variety fresh vegetables and fruits throughout the year, maybe you have food allergies, whatever the reason, you may choose to supplement because these factors may cause you to be lower in certain nutrients than others. If it’s possible or likely to get the nutrient from food, ditch the supplement.

2. Always buy quality supplements.

The health and wellness industry is booming right now and people want good health more than ever. Opportunities for companies to make money off of cheap products are everywhere. Search for high-quality, certified organic supplements. I like to google “what to know before buying xyz". Skip the ads and find an unbiased review of a few brands, this may take a little practice. The best thing we can do is look for the USDA stamp for organic and ensure the product has been third-party tested.

3. Be smart in combining.

Certain nutrients are best absorbed when they are combined with another. Most have synergistic relationships. For instance, turmeric, which isn’t absorbed well, should always be combined with black pepper because it increases its bioavailability by 2000. A supplement that has curcumin from turmeric but not piperine from black pepper is really just a waste of your money.

4. Make sure it makes sense. Notice how you are feeling.

Does this supplement make sense and make you feel good? Understand what else in your life is happening: are you feeling more motivated and energized because you left a job you hate? Happier and more at peace because you left a toxic relationship? Remember outside factors too.

Adding supplements in one at a time can help you get clear on this. It's also a great idea to take breaks from supplements to allow the body to adjust and reset.

Are there supplements you are religious about taking? What inspired you to begin a supplement regimen?

Let me know in the comments!



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